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for viv

A crack sounded and a woman with blonde hair peeking from under her long, black, hooded cloak appeared in a downtown London alleyway. In her arms was a basket with a young baby inside. Every few steps she took, she glanced down at the baby, disdain written on her face. “Sad that you failed us, Taura.” The woman sneered in her smooth, posh English accent. To the woman, baby Taura was nothing more than a squib. Her brother, 6 years older than her, had exhibited magical ability by the same age as her.

At 15 months, Taura would be left behind by her parents who spent many years trying for more children, to her brother that never quite accepted her presence. Perhaps that was why he covered up the one time she managed to move one of her toys, only he could tell and he never would.

The woman approached the muggle orphanage, not being able to stand being a disgrace to her family by not producing magical children, resulted to abandoning her daughter as the ridicule from her's and her husband's family would have been worse than having to figure out how to raise a muggle.

One last look under the blanket, ensured the woman that anything identifying their family was removed from the basket, no squib would find their way back to their family. The only thing she allowed the girl to have was her birth date, the one privilege she accepted. And with that, the woman readjusted her cloak and headed off, back home, back to a life where magical ability would never be questioned.

Miles away, Minerva awoke with a chill down her spine. She listened to her house intently, there was no sound, not even her cat made a peep this night. It was rather unsettling. She had never gotten over Donal, and for that she had one regret; she never had the chance to be a mother. Being a mother was one thing that Minerva had always wanted to do as a young woman, and with heart break and work, it lost priority. With Harry Potter safe, and living in obscurity, she had a similar idea. Why shouldn't she offer a child a chance to grow up normally? The only thing that was truly stopping her was that her job kept her away for nearly 10 months of the year. Maybe it was too late for her, after all?

As she met with Albus over things he wanted to have done during the new school year, he handed her a muggle paper, open to a page with a peculiar story slipped into a layout surrounded by local political problems. The story spoke of ghosts and strange occurrences happening at an orphanage in central London. “You know what this means, right Minerva?” He asked, and she knew herself that it was no ghost taunting these muggles, but the presence of a young wizard or witch. “I believe this started when a new baby was dropped off. Bring them here and we will have to find a home for them. We cannot allow the child to stay there, its not safe for them.” He said rather ambiguously as if he knew what might happen if the baby remained in the orphanage.

This day felt almost like the day You-Know-Who had disappeared, a sense of nervousness, Albus had arranged the meeting for Minerva to temporarily foster the child, long enough to find her a more permanent home.

The moment the young baby girl was placed into her arms, Minerva felt an immediate connection the moment the wide grey-blue eyes met her dark eyes. She knew she was far too old to mother this child, but she didn't feel like she could see someone else taking this child. Of course, it would require bending plenty of rules, but there was always ways around it and hopefully Albus saw sense in something she felt was fool hardy. She resolved that after the fostering would be over, she would keep the girl as her daughter, not as a child that was to be moved from home to home. On the papers, she was renamed Magdalena, she would never know her former name Taura.

Recipe Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I made gnudi for the first time, and they were amazing. The following are the pics and the recipe.

1 cup fresh ricotta cheese
1 cup grated Parmesan, plus more for finishing the pasta
2 eggs plus 1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon grated nutmeg
2 tablespoons minced fresh chives (optional)
1/2 cup all purpose flour
4 cups semolina flour

3 tablespoons unsalted butter
10-12 sage leaves

First, you take the ricotta, parm, eggs, nutmeg and the herbs (I recommend them, and I will explain as I continue this) and mix them all together to get a fairly liquidy concoction. Next, add the flour and mix. You don't want it to be sticky, so if the 1/2 cup isn't enough, add more, but by spoonfuls as you need to judge the consistency.

Next, you take a container and spread a layer of semolina on the bottom. (I reccomend a larger container than you need, because my lid just barely fit on either container.) Roll out the cheese mixture into (the recipe calls for) 1 inch balls, but mine were varying sizes I feel it's more rustic that way, and place in the semolina.

Make a layer of the gnudi in the semolina, and when its full (without gnudi touching each other), cover them completely with more semolina. Do this until you have finished up your cheese mixture. When the last of the cheese is formed, make sure to cover the top layer completely with semolina and place in the fridge over night. This will give you the pasta like texture on the outside once cooked.

So here is where I start the pictures, because it wasn't until the end that Viv insisted I take some. I thought about it, but never crossed my mind to actually do it.

These are the gnudi straight from the fridge and taken out of the semolina. I think they are totally adorable.

As they come to room temperature, get your water boiling and make sure to salt it properly. Drop them in when the water is at a full boil and give them a stir to keep them from sticking. Also, do not worry about the cheese coming out or anything, the semolina creates a pasta-like exterior around the cheese. Cook them for only a minute or until they come to the surface of the water, any longer and they will be chewy.
There are gnudi in there somewhere...

Now, here is where I explain the need for the herbs. When I made them (I actually made them for dinner tonight), I didn't put the chives in, and rather than use brown butter and sage like the recipe calls for, I just used pesto. Specifically this pesto:

Though the pesto wasn't bad, it over powered the delicate tasting gnudi. My suggestion is putting the chives in and rather than doing brown butter and fried sage for the sauce, I feel like just doing butter would be sufficient. The chives would work well with the delicate taste and texture, and the butter would allow the gnudi to speak for themselves.

So, here they are, getting ready to be tossed in the pesto:

And here is the bowl full of the pesto covered gnudi:

I must say overall, that they were delicious and I do intend to make them again. I do warn that they are heavier than the recipe says they are, but they are also rich. A way to help that is to use skim ricotta which is what I used. Cut the calories where you can and all that junk.


This is my first cooking blog, so I hope as I try making more things, I will post more pictures.

I do have to thank http://thepauperedchef.com/2010/04/homemade-gnudi-from-the-spotted-pig.html as they provided the original recipe for me to make; and also Viv for finding it for me.


Quote of the week

"Here is my secret, a very simple secret. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye."
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (The Little Prince)

Here it is in French too, as The Little Prince was first a French book.

"Voici mon secret. Il est très simple: on ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux"
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (Le Petit Prince)

Its too true. We put to much value on material possessions and money that we often lose sight of happiness, love, health, and other positive emotions and feelings, none of which can be seen by the eye or placed into a jar and onto a table. We care caught up in the world and how much we can advance ourselves that we would teleport ourselves places if we could, rather than take time to breathe and enjoy the scenery. In the end, what are we left with when we no longer have money?

Here is my own quote to go with Monsieur de Saint-Exupéry's:

"Well, you can either take my word for it, or you can learn on your own. But really, where is the fun in not making your own choices. Once day when we're all old, insufferable and incontinent, we will look back on our lives and be upset that we didn't learn more about ourselves, and the world. I think that you may find that you too might like playing with them." She hinted. (Excerpt from phoenixpenna.com, Written by me.)


New DSM disorder?

Inability-To-Follow-One's-Own-Advice Disorder



Defining Features:
- Give advice AND not follow it yourself
- define yourself as a hypocrite
- must happen on a habitual basis
- must cause impairment/distress and a feeling of "I'm a dumb-ass/stupid/idiot, etc." when friends and family point out your own advice
- usually leads to catastrophic thinking
- high co morbidity with everything

Risk Factors:
- habitual hypocritical thinking
- psychology students
- female
- hypochondriasis
- highly educated
- low economic status
- mild existing insanity

Facts and Statistics:
- chronic and insidious
- lifetime course
- poor long term prognosis
- prevalence is high, mostly amongst females
- age of onset is in young adulthood

- no existing cure
- Alcohol, food, drugs can maintain disorder, but the findings are still inconclusive

If anyone is interested in studying mine and Laura's disorder, we do get 60% of the profits.




just really checking in, I've got my Christmas craft ready to go, and I will make them soon, hopefully, well soon as in when cash starts flowing in again. I am going to do mini albums, and then give each recipient a scrapbooking survival kit which will have the glue, stickers, and a pen.


Maybe I will make them at the scrap for heart event
What's the worst dry skin you ever had and how did you get it? What made it better?

I get such dry skin on my legs in winter that i get eczema breakouts on my shins. I usually use things like Aveeno because its gentle, but also I do have to use a reaaaaaaaaaaally strong corticosteroid called Elocom.

30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 9-16

So... I have been busy this weekend and haven't posted any pics... so here is day 9-16

Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most & Day 10 - A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with

Let's face it... when Viv and I are together.... ANYTHING happens lmao... but no really, we get through what problems we have together, unless of course it just needs some Bev K healing...

Day 11 - A picture of something you hate

Its kind of a tie between:


But let's just say that the WBC is probably higher on the dislike scale... though it is a close call...

Day 12 - A picture of something you love

Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist

I love a whole bunch of artists, but I definitely love her.

Day 14 - A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without

Day 15 - A picture of something you want to do before you die

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH It said WHAT... not WHO... But my answer remains the same lmao!

Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you

And Rihanna doesn't inspire me to be a singer or actress... but she inspires me because she is only months older than me, and she has accomplished so much in her life.

This just makes me laugh because it's an oxymoron
Which song by The Beatles is your favorite, and why?

I want to hold your hand...

Its such a sweet song, enough said.

My Cricut Create is my most prized possession. I won it last year at Scrap for Heart, and I always wanted one! My mum at the point of me winning it was nearly ready to talk to my dad to buy half of it for me and she would buy the other half... that was how much I wanted it. Even my Grampa who was technologically unaware, was impressed with the machine :)